56 Hour Classroom

Location:  Coors | Beginning June 24 | 5pm-8:30pm | 3 weeks
Click Here to register for the Coors 56 Hour Class Program

Location:  Princeton | Beginning February 24 | 5pm-7:30pm | 3 weeks
Times maybe modified to accommodate the new school year.
Click here to register for the Princeton 56 Hour Class Program

  • February 24: 5pm-7:30pm | 3 weeks Class | Knowledge Exam and Road Skills Test  ($205 Per Student For This Program)
    **Class days and times are subject to change.**

Our new 56 Hour Classroom program with no drive time is designed for more advanced / experienced drivers.  This class has more emphases on Defensive Driving, DWI, Aggressive Driving and more.

We cover the following

  • GDL Program and the Steps Involved to Getting a License
  • Assessing and Managing Risk
  • Knowing Yourself and Driving Distractions
  • Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings
  • Rules of the Road Sharing the Roadway
  • Getting to Know your Car Car Maintenance
  • Basic Driving Skills – Standard vs Automatic
  • Starting, Steering and Stopping Turning and Parking
  • Driving in Various Driving Environments – rural areas, residential and freeway driving
  • Driving in Various Weather Conditions
  • Buying a Car and Insurance
  • DWI Section (expanded from our 30 hour classroom program)
  • Aggressive Driving (expanded from our 30 hour classroom program)
  • Defensive Driving (expanded from our 30 hour classroom program)
  • Court Procedures
  • MVD Procedures

For our first month, we are offering our new 56 hour class program for only $205.00.  Does not include any road time.

You can attend the first 30 hours with our regular 30 hour class program.  The remaining 26 hours, you can attend our Sunday’s  Classes.

You can sign up for MVD Road Test and 1 hour drive time for additional charge of $55.00

Our New 56 Hour Class Program will be available at our Princeton and Coors Locations.

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