For the health and safety of our students, Old School of Driving is offering a Virtual / Online Drivers Education Classes. 


2 different options to choose from.

  1. 56 hours class instruction via live feed from a State certified Instructor and no drive time. Offering Due to current global situation. $310 plus swipe fee.
  2. 56 Hours Virtual Class Instruction via live feed from State Certified Instructor with 7 hours drive time with instructor. Once restictions are lifted. $385 plus tax.


OptionDate TimesPriceDescriptionRegister
1Aug174pm-7pm$285 special + fee56 hours Virtual Class time no drive timeRegister
2Aug174pm-7pm$345 special + fee56 hours virtual class time – 7 hours drive time when state lifts restrictionsRegister
Classes are subject to change

Once you are fully registered for the class and paid, you are taking a spot. There is absolutely no refunds after you are fully registered.

No refunds.


Welcome to the O.L.D. School of Driving

O.L.D. School of Driving Inc. is the number one rated driving school in New Mexico! We provide driving instruction in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas.

O.L.D. School is licensed by the Traffic Safety Bureau to provide 30 hours of classroom study and 7 hours of behind-the-wheel driving.

We offer an updated and detailed Curriculum with certified and experienced instructors. Our classroom sessions are educational and fun! Please check each location for times, information and registration.

We have great cars! O.L.D School drives times are mostly during the time the student is in the classroom session. There’s no waiting months to schedule driving time!

At O.L.D. School we take pride in providing the best service available to our customer!

1st in quality drivers Education